Hi, I am Gijs Budel, a Dutch Independent Industrial Product Designer, located in the Netherlands.

I went to China a few months after I graduated from The Hague University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering. I moved there to see more of the world and I was looking for adventure. I started working for a Dutch company in Guangzhou. There I dealt with a variety of projects; the Engineering and Design of a 27ft speedboat, ISO Certification for the production of a lightweight Airline trolley, and the production of wooden furniture. These are just a few of them.

In the spring of 2010 I started working for myself as I needed a new adventure. Among other projects I completed the design and development of the Alphard Duo Golf Cart. This innovative Golf Cart received the Golden A’Design award in 2012-2013 and also received high recommendations on various golf blogs.

From the very start, I have designed and modeled aircraft model kits, which are printed in 3D. This provided me with knowledge and experience with 3D printing, a manufacturing method that is rapidly growing in popularity.

In December 2015 I moved back to the Netherlands, and since January 2016 I work as a product engineer for Joolz, a top 10 baby stroller brand in Amsterdam.

To me, each project is an Adventure, you start with a journey with an unknown destination and the design process is the roadmap.

I am always looking for new adventures. If you’ve got an adventure, please contact me.


Gijs does the job. He’s a quick learner. He listens and gives great opinions. His quality of work is excellent. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Alex Tse
Founder at Alphard Golf

We’ve hired Gijs for many projects over the past few years. He has a unique combination of technical design skill and exceptional artistic ability. Our work often requires working from incomplete information, filling in the gaps with artistic license. Gijs does this with ease and has created some of our most popular products. In addition, he is enjoyable and pleasant to work with, communicates well during all phases of a project, and we can count on him to return excellent work.

Christopher Rodak
President at 3Delivered, Inc.


Gijs bude - Industrial Product designer