Alphard Duo LT hero shot
The Alphard Duo Golf Cart is Designed as a golf-bag and golf-cart combine into one. It saves space in the trunk of the car and the setup time is reduced to seconds. It has all convenience of a golf cart without the hassle of strapping a bag onto a cart. The complete back-wheel section can be removed to the cart can be strapped onto a riding-cart. The front wheel can also be removed to further reduce the size.

Alphard Duo folded
When folded the Cart has the about the size of a regular cart bag.

Alphard Duo folding steps
The Alphard Duo Golf Cart unfold in 5 simple steps.

Alphard Duo specifications

The Cart has a 14-way full length divider and the layout has been designed so that there is a minimum of club head chatter. Next to the clubs is space for a umbrella and spare tee and golf balls.

Alphard Duo accessories

The project included the design of several accessories to match the golf cart.

Alphard Duo skin versions
The Cart has a removable “skin”. If you want to change a color, a new style or added feature, the Skin can be replaced by a new one.


The Alphard Duo Golf Cart has been reviewed by several relevant golf websites and magazines. Here some examples of what they say: Overall, the cart oozes clever, but is also obviously designed to function on the course.

The Hackersparadise: It’s rare that I review a product I feel is truly groundbreaking, but I’m inclined to put the Duo Cart on that list. The product was designed with convenience in mind and it truly delivers.

The Sandtrap:I was impressed with the product, the concept and the implementation.

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