Bendable shade concept
This concept is based on those plastic figurines with limbs that can be bent in different positions.


Clip on Shade concept
The flexible clip can accommodate tablets with different thicknesses. The position of the flap can be adjusted.


Concept Ipad Shade 1
Three clips attach to the tablet, metal wires shape the fabric sunshade.


Concept Ipad Shade 2
The shade is made of plastic with a fabric cover. Elastic bands keep the cover in place.


Concept Ipad Shade 3
This shade works as a hat with a metal strip in the edge. The strip acts as a spring and clamps the “hat” to the tablet. The strip also pushes the hat in shape.


Concept Ipad Shade 4
The shade is an Ipad cover where the protective flap is decided in two. One side can act as a stand and the other as a shade.


All works © Gijs Budel.

Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Gijs Budel.

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